To be an eco-friendly agro & wood based writing & printing paper, industrial grade & copy paper producing company that meets and exceeds customer requirements through its products and services.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Naini Papers Limited is strongly committed to manufacturing writing and printing, industrial grade & copy paper that nurtures and operates a safe, healthy & clean environment.

Using cutting-edge Technology

Naini Papers Limited takes immense pride in its ability to adapt the latest technologies be it in process, environment, energy & water conservation, maintenance, product development, and system development.


Naini Papers Limited believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a strategic mandate for the company but a social duty towards our society to foster growth and empowerment by lending a helping hand to underprivileged communities.

Company Overview

With a proud history of growth that dates two generations back, Naini Papers Limited has been the torchbearer for innovation and great business ethics in the paper industry.

The company has evolved over the years by embracing technology in the art of making paper. It has grown through calculated steps taken by the management and infusion of fresh guidance by the chairman of the company Late. Shri. Pramod Kumar Agarwal and Managing Director Mr. Pawan Agarwal.

The company’s brand positioning, ‘Ethically firm. Environmentally strong’ resonates the business culture of the organization.

Writing & Printing 01 02 Copy Paper Copy Paper is specially prepared paper for writing advertising copy, newspaper copy, and other types. Explore More → 02 Copy Paper 03 Industrial Grades 03 Industrial Grades Industrial Grade Papers are used if you need to package cargo for transit, protect finished materials from breakage, cover surfaces. Explore More → 01 Writing & Printing Writing & Printing paper produced with high-quality pulp which can be used for journals, magazines, notebooks etc Explore More → OUR PRODUCTS


Naini Papers Limited is committed to harmonizing its business interests by pursuing the up-gradation of its technologies for augmenting its paper production by blending it with the world’s dire need for a clean and green environment. This conviction of the Company is enshrined in all its policies which are practised across the organization in all spheres of its activities.

Quality Control
"Bringing Perfection With Care"

Safety and Sustainability is in our Nature

Embracing Technology with Innovation