Naini, in coordination with the district administration, has started its two major projects in the fields of education and healthcare under its CSR program. From time to time, the officers of Naini meet with the high officials of the district at the DM office to outline the work to be done under these projects. The work done under both projects is also reviewed by the DM office periodically. Due to the firm determination of Naini’s social upliftment and the coordination of the district administration, the quality work under both the projects could be realized on the ground.

We are confident that with this coordination with the district administration, we will do our best to socially empower society in the field of education and healthcare in a more impactful way.



Flagship CSR Project, “Renovations and Modernization of 50 Government Schools under Adoption Mode:

It is a matter of immense pleasure for the Naini that in pursuance of its commitment to the upliftment of the education sector, a total of 50 government schools have been formally adopted by it. Out of these schools, 36 are from Jaspur, and the rest 14 belong to the Kashipur area.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been executed with the District Administration, U.S. Nagar. Under this project around Rs. 2.5 crore will be spent by the Company within a period of five years towards completing this project.

In the First Phase of the Project, the complete renovation of the total of seven government schools was successfully completed by Naini in the year 2017-18 with a total expenditure of Rs.47 Lac. In this project, six Government Schools of Jaspur and Kashipur tehsils were taken for their complete transformation. Under this project gender-based toilet blocks for girls and boys of the schools were constructed separately with modern facilities, supply of safe drinking water has been ensured by installing borewell of more than 250 feet, Hand wash station was constructed in each school for drinking water and washing hands. Major civil repair was undertaken in these schools which included repair of the boundary walls of the school building, ceiling, walls, and floors of the classrooms. Black boards and electrical fittings were also repaired. Old windows, doors, and main entrance gates have been replaced with new ones wherever required. After completion of the civil work, all the schools were completely painted.

In the Second Phase of the program, all the earlier six renovated schools were equipped with good quality wooden furniture. Apart from this, two new schools were also selected for their complete renovation with furniture. All the work related to this second phase of the project was completed with an expenditure of Rs.55 Lac.

The Third Phase of the Project is ongoing in which similar types of renovation activities are presently carried on by the company in 5 more Government Schools of the Jaspur Tehsil.

Till date, Rs.200 lac has been incurred under this project by the Company.


Naini Papers Limited has formally adopted the Civil Hospital for its complete face-lifting. The hospital is one of the oldest and prominent government hospitals in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand State. The hospital was named after Lt. Sh. Laxman Dutt Bhatt, a renowned socialist and ex-member of the State Legislative Assembly. Lt. SH. Laxman Dutt Bhatt had donated a piece of approximately 20 acres of land to the state government to build this hospital for a noble idea to serve society at large. In 1964 this hospital came into existence to provide medical facilities to the people of Kashipur. It was so grand that it was discussed far and wide. People not only from Kashipur but from other nearby areas also used to come here for their treatment.

As time went by, due to lack of resources and funds, the maintenance of the hospital building could not be maintained as it should have been and due to this, some parts of the building can no longer be used given their dilapidated condition. Hospitals are also facing a shortage of medical and para-medical staff for a long time. The Heart Centre of the Hospital which is being run through PPP mode is also lacking behind due to lack of required infrastructure and equipment resulting in decreasing the footfall of the patients day by day and thus the poor section of the society is not getting its full benefit.

In view of all these problems, the District Administration and Naini have now come together for its complete rejuvenation through a CSR project. We are assured that after the completion of this project, this hospital will be known as an ideal hospital for other government hospitals in the state.

4 General Wards have been completely modernized by the Naini even during the period of COVID-19. All these four general wards are now providing modern facilities at par with the private hospitals. Inauguration of the renovated wards was recently virtually done by Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttarakhand.

At present, the Heart Centre of the Hospital is being renovated by the Company. All the tasks related to ICU Ward, Doctors’ room, and Staff room work have been completed. We have spent more than Rs.100 lac till date on this ongoing project under our CSR.


Naini has always managed its production facilities in such a way that our commitment to the protection of our environment comes first. How serious we are towards the environment, is clearly reflected in our philosophy as well “Ethically Firm. Environmentally Strong”.