With a rich history of growth, Naini Papers Limited has been the torchbearer for innovation and great business ethics in the paper manufacturing industry for two generations. Late. Shri. Pramod Kumar Agarwal, the company's visionary, started Naini Papers Limited in 1982 with its first investment, a mill, and a wheat and paddy seed processing factory. The business opened the country's first edible oil refinery in 1989, converting non-edible oil into edible oil using physical procedures.

Since then, the company has grown beyond expectations to become a public limited company in 1995 and one of the country's few prime paper producing facilities. Naini Papers has been providing high-quality papers with better physical and optical qualities since its inception. The company has made tremendous changes over the years as a result of the brand's legacy and culture of innovation, allowing the company to establish itself as a forward-thinking organization.

Naini has consistently developed its state-of-the-art and most innovative infrastructure by using the latest cutting-edge technologies in order to provide the highest quality paper to its customers. One of the company’s guiding principles is to be environmentally conscious. Naini Papers has become one of the most respected names in the paper manufacturing sector by embracing ecologically driven practices to establish a sustainable business for all stakeholders, employees, business partners, and customers.