M/S Hydrothane, Netherland erected a Bio Methanation plant for NAINI in 2016 to treat high COD wastewater from wet washing and bagasse wet bulk storage.

The 2nd generation ECSB system is the most important portion of the plant ECSB (External Circulation Sludge Bioractor). The ECSB reactor is a two-stage, high-rate anaerobic process. This innovative development technique can achieve superior biomass retention and increased organic loading rates thanks to these two stages.

The high COD load influent, which is created by the process of washing and wet bulk storage of raw materials, is treated in the bio methanation plant. The influent is separated from the solids in a first clarifier before being fed into the ECSB reactor. The anaerobic reaction in the ECSB reactor produces methane gas. The methane gas produced is utilized as a fuel in the boiler to generate steam, and the treated effluent is sent to the ETP for aerobic treatment. The COD burden has been lowered by 70-80%.

The plant has a total COD load capacity of 42 tonnes per day and a wastewater capacity of 7000 kl per day.