Since 1995, Naini has gone a long way. Starting with a single paper machine with a capacity of 30 TPD and progressing, we collaborated with technology to become more environmentally friendly and cost-effective over time. Let’s take a look at our history to discover how we evolved as an ethical and ecologically conscious firm.


Start with One paper machine with production capacity 30 TPD kraft paper

  • One more paper machine and pulp mill added with a production capacity "100 TPD" writing & printing paper
  • FBR installation to recover caustic from waste black liquor

Major modification in paper machine-1 to increase production capacity and shift “Kraft & Absorbent” to “Writing & Printing”


Installed continuous digester & ODL for bagasse pulping


Installed Bi nip press on pm-2

Film press, post dryer, NOSS centricleaners and pressure screen, Metso scanners, Globe high speed rewinder installed on pm-2


ODL installed on pm-2 pulp mill

  • Installed head box (Module Jet), BVG Size Kitchen on pm-2
  • Major Modification of film press, shoe press, DCS & IMCC, Complete automation of pm-2.
  • Voith hard nip calendar, Duo former, syncro cutter installed onpm-1
  • Installed ESP for boiler No – 3,4,5,6
  • Hood System (FOMAT) , Stock Refiners (ANDRITZ)
  • Close hood, kadant condensate recovery system

Gapcon transfer roll, air shooters for tail threading, ceramic center roll


IBS-ultra high pressure clothing cleaning system system, Andritz soft wood refiners on pm-2


Commissioned 12 MW Captive Power Plant with 60TPH, 88Ata FBC boiler

  • Installed Hard-nip Turbo Calendar, Dandy Rolls, I-table, Pasaban Cutter, Folio Ream Wrapper
  • New globe Rewinder , Ream Packing Machine
  • ICONE couch roll, ream packing machine
  • High efficiency energy  recovery boiler
  • Lime Kiln and two stage causti sizing
  • 350 TPD Hard Wood fibre line with ECF bleaching
  • 10.2 MW turbine
  • 9 TPD integrated clo2 plant based on R-6 process
  • Enhanced Production capacity 9200 TPM to 10500 TPM