Naini Papers Ltd has two machines. NPL began its first paper manufacturing facility Unit No.1 in 1995 and later extended its wings by commissioning another unit No 2 in 2002. Since its inception, the NPL has been offering top-quality paper products by keeping abreast with technological advancements and market needs with names PM1 and PM2 respectively.

With the brand names "Imperial" in the GSM range 54-110 and "Magestic" (SS) in the GSM range 60-110, the company offers high-bright writing and printingpaper. The deckle of the machine is 2925 mm.


Modern wet washing system, continuous digester, Oxygen De-lignification plant, and multi-stage bleaching are all available at the plant. The paper machine has a Voith hydraulic headbox with dilution profile control, a Gapcon Bi-nip with shoe press and Film Size Press, a BVG starch kitchen, and a Metso QCS.