Naini Papers is strongly committed to manufacturing writing and printing grade papers that develop and operate a safe, healthy & clean environment and in doing so every possible measure is being taken by each and every employee and stakeholder of the company.

Adoption of Green Technology
to keep our environment clean and green

Complete recycling of paper machine effluent to pulp mill by passing through Saveall.

100% recycling of Paper machine backwater to Pulp mill by passing through Saveall and settling in a clear water tank i.e. 2200 m3/day reduction in freshwater consumption.

Installation of Efficient IBS showering system on the paper machine, wet end to reduce water consumption drastically.

Water consumption was reduced to 2200 m3/day from 2900 m3/day after installation of the IBS showering system i.e. 700 m3/day reduction.

Use of ETP treated effluent after Secondary stage for wet washing of raw material and wetting of Bagasse wet bulk storage.

100% reuse of treated secondary stage ETP effluent for wet washing of raw material and wetting of Bagasse wet bulk storage i.e. 4000 m3/day reduction in freshwater consumption.

Installation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) system followed by MVR (Mechanical Vapour recompression) system – Capacity 2000 m3day

  • Following the ZLD concept, after ETP tertiary treated effluent we have installed Single-stage RO followed by MVR for reject handing of the RO system and ATFD for sludge handling of MVR system. 
  • The reusable water recovery (TDS < 100 ppm) from the complete system will be 98%. 
  • The technology is completely new since the opex is very less as compared to conventional ZLD systems.
  • However, the same is under the fine-tuning stage.

Installation of state-of-the-art, DCS-based Biomethanantion plant from Hydrothane (Netherland) for High effluent load drains.

  • Effluent from Bagasse wet bulk storage and wet washing is treated in the Biomethanation plant before going to ETP and the recovered Biogas is used as a fuel in the boiler.
  • COD reduction – 80% and BOD reduction – 90%

Countercurrent washing in an unbleached section of Pulp mill.

Approximate 70% counter-current washing in a bleached section of Pulp mill.

Pulp mill unbleached section gland cooling is carried out with ETP treated effluent.

Black Liquor generated from Pulp mill is completely incinerated in a chemical Soda Recovery plant and Soda ash is recovered.