If one had to pick a single technology that has had the greatest impact on improving pulp quality while also improving environmental performance, it would undoubtedly be ODL.

Naini Papers did a lot of in-house R&D to create this technology to meet the needs of an agro-based pulp mill. Initially, this technology was employed in pulp mills that utilized wood as a raw material. Incorporating this technology into an agro-based pulp mill was a first for Naini. The process and equipment engineering was done in-house in collaboration with Sulzer, a world-leading business that supplied the technology's crucial equipment.

The following are the key benefits of ODL:

  • Reduction in COD of bleach plant effluent by 35%
  • Reduction in chlorine consumption by 35 to 40%
  • Improvement in the brightness of pulp
  • Improvement in strength properties of pulp